About Dennis

Dennis Latona is a California Native who is Nutz about the Yosemite Valley, Nutz about Nature, and sometimes just plain NUTZ!

Dennis Latona

A California native, Dennis grew up in the outdoors. As an Eagle Scout, his love for nature grew as he learned the art of photography. This became his way of sharing what he saw and as time passed, it became his passion.

In 2004 he created Pinenutz Photo Gallery and Latona’s Spirit Photos. Now he shares his visions of Mother Nature’s gifts with the world.

The photos have been taken over a period of years. Most are of the sights found in beautiful Yosemite Valley. Occasionally Dennis agrees to go somewhere beside Yosemite and we have included some of those photos as well. We hope you enjoy them. All photos are copyrighted by Spirit Photo and are available for purchase on request.